A temporary shift in your perspective

Majorca coastline -Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

If you are pursuing the realm of personal forward movement – a new challenge, a new direction, this week – one suggestion for you, if you so choose.

If you are structuring the beginning stages of a departure from one door of your life to another, perhaps a temporary shift of perspective may assist?

Therefore, make some movement to get those creative juice flowing.

Go on a small trip (around the block even), go on a little journey (shopping, nature trail, trip by the sea, for example) and, change your scenery (change your screen saver, move one item around in your home, you don’t have to travel to Spain, or anything– I’m just saying).

All this to help your perspective to shift enough so that you make an important decision with as much clarity and ingenuity as possible.

Who knows– there may be a whole different way to accomplish part or all of what you want to do, which a temporary shift in perspective, may help bring to mind.

“You have the capability to change your life all with a simple shift in perspective.”- Demi Lovato

“Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light.”- Dan Brown

ESCALATOR -Image by Quinn Kampschroer from Pixabay

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

8 thoughts on “A temporary shift in your perspective

  1. Suzette, awesome post. When the Holy Spirit led me out of my comfort zone into what I was hoping to be a temporary shift has exploded into spiritual endeavors that can only be orchestrated by the Lord.

    Not by my hands but by His! ~ Tangie T. Woods

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