You are valuable

You are valuable.

You are wrapped in the same fabric of life as everyone else.

When God breathed life into you;

It was the same breath he breathed into everyone else.

Your value is not measured by:

Someone else’s success,

Someone else’s opinion, or

Someone else’s definitions.

You are a rock star all by yourself!

You are more than priceless

You cost everything!

Your life is irreplaceable.

There will never be another you like you, ever

Value your gifts, your time, your ideas, your creations

You have sown, over and over in good soil

Your harvest of blessings has been ready,

But you do not reap.

Because, perhaps, you think you are not worthy.

Those blessings are meant to breathe life into your vision.

Therefore, value who you want to become, and,

the vision you have planned for this Season in your life.

Pleasant evening and night to you. And, sending much love your way.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

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