“Find your own way to flow”

Sometimes we think of finding our own ways to do things, as a cop out, as half-baked, as doing things slip shod, as careless or as too carefree. However, I would like to encourage you today along a different line of thought, if I may.

Sometimes we burden ourselves with standards that are way beyond what is necessary for a situation. We paint or, perceive the standard for every situation to be the same — i.e. too high.  This results in, what I can only describe as, a continual state of internal exhaustion. We sleep but we do not rest. We meditate but we are not refreshed.  We eat but we are not fulfilled.

Because we are constantly trying to do everything, from making our morning coffee, folding our sheets –just so, to folding our plastic bags for recycling, with absolute perfection.  I am not referring here to complying with the law or other legal or job responsibilities. I am referring to the things over which you have authority in your daily comings and goings.

Be gentle with yourself and your expectations of perfection, today. Like water, “Lovely thing to learn from water: Adjust yourself in every situation and in any shape. But most importantly – Find your own way to flow” – Budda teaching

Your putting into action a new way of doing something may be the opportunity (yes, opportunity) to do things more creatively and successfully than you did before. Doing things, the same way may not work in every situation every day. Today is not the same as yesterday. Like the flow of water, just one change to your routine can shift your mindset for the whole day to a lighter mood.

Be daring, think of a new way to do something that makes it a success rather than trying to do the same old stuff.  Get those wonderful innate creative juices flowing.

It is not a cop out to look for new ways to do things. Looking for new ways to do things is called invention, innovation and forward thinking. Our mind is looking for sameness, for comfort and for ways to protect us. Our spirit wants creativity and the sense of freedom that comes with the divine gift of human choice.

After it all, you might be surprised to find that a new take on accomplishing a task today may refresh your heart in delightful and extraordinary ways.

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