Dessert under a mango tree, the power of the mind 🥭

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When I was very young, eight years old to be exact, I was allowed to have my dessert outside the house. I had my dessert of fresh mangoes under the actual tree from which they had ripen and fallen. My grandma would prepare lunch. I would eat with her and then run out to the tree to collect a few of the best ripe mangoes that had fallen to the ground.

I would select only the mangoes without any bruises and that were softish to the touch -not too ripe or too squishy but just perfect. Then, I would get a small tin fill it with water, place the mangoes inside. Then, I would sit under the huge tree as they soaked in the tin. When I felt they were “clean” enough, I would enjoy my fresh mangoes for dessert.

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I can still, as I write this, feel the powerful sun on my little toes as I hid most of my body under the tree while enjoying my mangoes. But, my feet stuck out just far enough from under the tree branches, to collect the stinging rays of the the island sun.

What prompted this memory? It is amazing to me how one thing, in my case, seeing a mango at the grocery store the other day, transported me back to that scene (many decades before) in an instant. I recalled with clarity, the sights the sounds, the feelings and the tastes. I remember what I was wearing. I “saw it.” How powerful the mind to hold a narrative with such detail for so long, unchanged right down to the emotions and feelings?

This is not a super power for a few. We all have the ability to recall in vivid detail, moments in our lives, at any age.

My encouragement to you today is to recall the good moments and understand how you respond to them, now (not back then). Because, you have changed -how do you see that past event, now? You may realize that you indeed have come a very long way in terms of who you are becoming.

In addition to recalling events, the mind holds no judgement on what narrative you give it. It will eventually help you to do and to be whatever you suggest.

And, this super power is not only for big things. It works for small matters as well. If it has the power to bring back the smell of mangoes, when you are not even eating them, or plan to purchase any, then it can surely can help you accomplish whatever you have “in mind,” for your highest good for today.

I sometimes forget how powerful the mind is. This incident at the grocery store was a reminder that indeed the mind is our allay, in the best case scenario. Some challenges make that not always the case, and I respect and acknowledge that.

What I am suggesting is that the mind has the power to craft your present and your future. We have the ability to create our own sense of reality. The world is not going to help us with this. As we know the concept of what is real has shifted in the 21st century to mean the appearance of reality (aka, reality tv). What is real today, may change tomorrow. You, however, my friend, know the truth.

The benefits to shaping your own mental narrative are many. My point is that you are free to do so. There is no mind police rushing to tell you what to think. At least, I hope not. One suggestion among the many uses of this kind of power that mind contains, is to help to begin to heal and to narrate your own version of your present and your tomorrow.

What does this all mean? Perhaps we can give ourselves the freedom to use the power of our mind, to re-frame or to harness the good we understand about the lives we have lived thus far, so that we can move forward in joy. Enjoying with renewed insight, from the perspective of today’s version of self, that special dessert from long ago and far away.🥭🥭

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