Brahvay dan-j

Meaning – cautiously carefree

 Las Cuevas Beach, Trinidad

I have been fortunate to have grown up in two cultures. In my early years, I lived in an island in the tropics where I was born. And, from my late teens to the present I call Canada home. One of the beauties of this mix of cultures and lifestyle for me is the language and the “meaning” of various expressions.

I have been thinking lately about the phrase I heard often on the island where I grew up. It is the expression “bravi dangi” pronounced “br-ah-vay dan-j.” The terms refers to personal character or a certain attitude towards life. It refers to a person with a zest for life with a carefree mindset. It is not the kind of carefree that is careless or fast and loose. But one that is cautiously optimistic. A person who is slow to take offense, while at the same time, who takes a positive view of life’s circumstances.

The person who is brahvay dan-j may be misunderstood at times as demonstrating a “don’t care” attitude. But the truth is that the person who has the brahvay dan-j mindset has come to grips with the fact that enabling someone where it is not in the person’s best interest is not love. And, the brahvay dan-j personality does not mince words to express their point of view on this matter.

Thus, a person with a brahvay dan-j mindset in the local neighborhood, is the subject of much conversation (I mean, gossip). Both because they are admired for the zeal with which they love others and for their ability to define their own boundaries, while respecting the boundaries of others.

I hope this gives you a picture of the personal attribute of brahvay dan-j. One term that you may wish to include in your “island” dictionary should you travel to the West Indies, where you may happen to hear a local refer to one of her friends as being brahvay dan-j. 🙂

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