What you’ve been seeking is just a short distance away

What you have been seeking is just a few feet further down the road on your journey!

I was driving home this morning, in very heavy stop-and-go traffic. I drove up and waited to make my left turn into the side street where I live. The cars going in the opposite direction were packed tightly as each driver waited for the traffic light to turn green way down in the distance behind me. I sat there in my car praying for an opening to negotiate my left turn. Suddenly the car to my left closet to where I had hoped for an opening lunged forward. “No room here!” was the clear “message.” I continued to wait for what seemed an eternity in minutes.

Then, I looked about two car lengths in front of me. And lo and behold there was an opening!. Not one but two cars (one beside the other) had stopped and created a gap big enough for my car. I looked in my rear view mirror to see if these generous drivers had stopped for someone else behind me! But there was no one else. I could not believe my luck šŸ™‚ These kind people had seen my plight and chose to stop to let me make the left turn. They too had been waiting a long time to move forward on their journey- which made their generosity all the more heart-warming.

I drove a few feet to the place where the opening was. I waved enthusiastically in appreciation, to both drivers and, went on my way. What you have been looking for in one place and praying for, is just a few feet ahead of you. Keep looking, keep on searching, keep on seeking. Do not give up on the prize.

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