Can words really fill your stomach with joy?

The other day, I missed breakfast but I was determined to write a blog post before doing anything else that morning. I was hungry but I had to write. Perhaps you can relate. An hour or so later, I finished the post, tweaking it until I was satisfied it was what was in my mind to say. Then… I noticed something strange. Despite having nothing to eat for some time, I was no longer hungry! In fact it was not that I had distracted myself by my task, and forgot that I was hungry. I was feeling quite “full.” What had happened?

I would suggest that, being fulfilled is not only a spiritual or emotional state it may also a physical one. I believe that somehow, someway my hunger pangs were replaced by the feeling of “ful-fillment” in doing what I do- write words. Yes, “food” can come in all kinds of forms.

Perhaps you may consider “nourishing” someone today with your gift, skill or talent, and in so doing, your joy may be full. Cheers.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, motivator, sometimes writer, faith

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