The Secret things

Nobody tells everybody everything. In this modern world the trend is to be transparent. Baring all for the world to see seems to be the new kind of “honesty.”

But, there are still some things that should remain secret. And, you are the best judge of that. What I think happens is that we feel guilty about keeping some secrets. The ability to keep secrets is a skill, that once learned come through in our character — the part of character to do with trustworthiness. Trust is invaluable and irreplaceable in any solid relationship. If someone tells you a secret, something in confidence, it is a measure of how much that other person trusts you. That relationship is invaluable.

Betina Krahn says it best, I think, when she says, “And it’s about this whole “secrets” business. We all have them. Every single one of us has something we’re keeping inside… sometimes to protect ourselves, sometimes to protect others… If love is the prime value we hold, we must make certain what we will reveal has a critical or urgent moral imperative (i.e., to prevent an injustice, loss of life, damage to health, or the abuse of power). Think of the secrets you hold about yourself, your loved ones, and those you work and live with, Which of them would be worth hurting your spouse or family to reveal? Sobering to think about.” 

You don’t need to apologize to yourself for having secrets. It is your choice to make as the gatekeeper of your own soul. Some things should stay between you and God.

“A good friend keeps your secrets for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets.” – Lauren Oliver

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9 thoughts on “The Secret things

  1. It’s the heart code isn’t it, Suzette? ‘Be kind, always be kind.’ The minute something is shared to anyone at all, it is no longer secret. ❀

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  2. Beautiful post Suzette and so true. You need to know in your heart what is to be kept safe , for yourself
    or shared with a very trusted friend. Broken trusts are very damaging.
    Your quotes are also wonderfully chosen.


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  3. Thank you for putting into words what I’ve often thought in this “tell-all, spill-your-guts” culture where we are fooled into thinking reality is on TV and the more drama, the better. I have few regrets in life but one is that I wish I could have kept more to myself and not told people some of the things I told. My late husband knew the value of privacy and I could always trust him, that whatever was told him in confidence would never be shared with anyone else. Very good and thought-provoking post!

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