You are too valuable

My thought today was to encourage you on how valuable you are. I was looking for a quote that would sum up what I wanted to say. However, I could not find one. So, here are my thoughts for you today on the subject.

You are too valuable to live up to other people’s opinion of your mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and draw strength from your experience. Experience can often teach us more than education can.

You are too valuable to accept other people’s opinion of your worth.

You are too valuable for pursuits that waste your time. Time is irreplaceable.

You are too valuable to try to live like someone else – even if that someone is a person you admire. You are unique. You have your own path, your own journey, your own mile and your own shoes in which to walk that mile. Learning wisdom from others is great. Use the wisdom that you glean from others to shape your own self image. Your own destiny.

You are too valuable to settle -to settle for the status quo – to settle for trying to fit in. When, all you want to do is live on your own terms, drawing your own lines — outside any proverbial “box.”

You are too valuable to do the same thing over and over expecting the approval of others and not receiving it. Your self worth is inside you. It can not be bought, sold, gifted, borrowed or received from someone else. You own it.

You are too valuable to do less than you know you were meant to do and to be.

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