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I was chatting with a friend at work yesterday. We were discussing the things we had done to find work. She related to me this story. She was trying to find work at a nursing home. But no matter how many times she submitted her application and spoke with the manager in person she was not hired. Then she got the idea to ask if they accepted volunteers. She got the volunteer job and worked for free for six week. Then when a vacancy came along she was offered the job. I recall that I had a similar experience. I could not find work so I volunteered at my church for three months, just to keep myself busy. A vacancy came along and I was hired.

Offer to help with no expectation of reward. You may be surprised what blessings may come your way. It may not be a job, but something else that you may desire may suddenly come about. For example: your desire for the health or well-being of a loved one, hearing from a long time friend, a sudden win-fall travel opportunity and more. We cannot survive on our own. We all need help at some point. Help others when it is in your power to do so.

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  1. Love it! Right on. I am glad to hear about your friend. There is great wisdom in this. When we step out in faith and sacrifice God is with us, providing for us. Too many times we want God to just do things for us but that is not His way. He is a good parent and wants us to grow up. In order to accomplish this He deliberately waits for us to step out in faith first. When we do He rewards us. Great lesson. Thank you.

    Homer Les

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