A happy place?

I have lived in some challenging places. I have lived in my car, in a shelter, behind a dumpster and in several apartments. I was reminded recently that each one of these places have developed my ability to survive in some pretty harsh (some of them) circumstances. There is a richness to being able to endure and to be able to look back with some clarity on how circumstances have shaped who you are becoming.

Sometimes we desire things in life but we do not realize the true cost. If we knew what it cost we would shrink from asking for, say, “strength,” for wealth, for patience and so on. But in all cases, in hindsight I understand, although not entirely, (because only God knows the full spectrum of why things happen), that each of my living circumstances, was in its own way… a happy place. I learned more about myself when I was forced to live behind a dumpster for a few days than I did living in an apartment. I learned that I am a survivor. Wherever life takes you –whatever place that may be– know that you are a survivor.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

24 thoughts on “A happy place?

  1. ‘from one survivor to another (Fist Bump)! 🙂 ALL of life is in God’s hands… the good, the bad, and the downright ugly times are given to us as gifts. If we look at them as gifts, we then begin to see that we have learned great things through our experiences… and, through that, we are able to help others who are still on that journey! Great article, and I love that picture…

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  2. This is Matthew writing from Common Issues.
    This post was very encouraging. You made a profound point by saying you learned something new about yourself, when living in a dumpster, that you couldn’t learn when living in an apartment. As your survival skills were challenged in an unprecedented way, maybe you discovered a strength and ability you didn’t know you had. Perhaps your schemas and assumptions about living behind a dumpster were undermined and you realized that doing such an extreme thing wasn’t impossible when it was made necessary. I love your post. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  3. you really and truly justify the Charles Darwin’ s theory of “Struggle for Existence” and “Survival of the fittest.”. I think your experience was like commando training where people are trained to face the toughest situation and you came out fittest.My Congrats to you.

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