Do you remember your first sense of being self aware?

My very first memory of being self aware — I was seven years old, dressed in my favorite dress getting ready to go to church. I remember feeling present in the moment. It was my birthday. I felt for some reason that being seven was a big deal in my life. I can still see myself at that moment. It made an impact on my sense of self at that very young age. It was a challenge which I have tried to never let go of. The challenge to be myself as much as possible. Do you remember your first sense of being self aware?

Being self aware challenges us

As social beings who thrive on relationships, being self-aware enriches our ability to nurture relationships. It helps us relate to the feelings of other people.  Therefore, we cultivate friendships, we forgive, we trust, we heal from betrayal. We muster the courage to care for others, often, risking everything to reveal our true self.  Because we are self aware, we acknowledge that no one is perfect. Self-awareness underscores individual emotional intelligence. Dr. Daniel Goleman offers a body of work on emotional intelligence. He suggests that being self aware is one of the building blocks, “realms” of emotional well being. Lacking this skill can leave us in conflict with others. One way to enrich self awareness is to cultivate flexibility – and open mindedness — cut others some slack!

Being Self aware promotes versatility and open-mindedness

Knowing yourself can be very crucial to affecting the approach that you have on issues. Self-awareness in itself is the ability to actively seek to listen to the body and mind to know your natural response to change. Foster a self consciousness that is gentle towards you. Be kind to yourself. This consciousness can give clarity of focus when dealing with issues. The ability to embrace opinions, feedback, and criticism from others as a gift may be an opportunity to shape one of the very few things that will forever be uniquely you—- your character.

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