Body armor to the soil- A Poem

Image by AGNIESZKA WEN from Pixabay

Every branch a witness,

To terra firma’s fitness.

Mahogany mansions day and night,

Court gallant gatekeepers of flight.

Twigs and branches build castles to time and space,

As grateful creatures rest in their embrace.

Trees, silent guardians of nature’s soul,

Their deep roots, body armor to the soil.

The kneads of the day – A Poem

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Give us this day,

The kneads of the day:

Oceans to breathe,

A shelter to sleep in safety,

Living water,

A cloak to wear,

Necessary food,

Trees to admire,

Kind words to speak,

Words of love,

Meaningful work,

The privilege of health,

A place to belong,

And when trials/trails slow our pace,

To be carried in the arms of grace.

The fly – A Poem

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Wouldn’t it be great,

To have a fly as a pet.

Perhaps name it Jet.

Carry it for walks on a leash of white thread.

Prepare its food, a morsel of sweet bread.

Sure to be the talk at the dinner table,

Spinning its daily adventures into fable.

Perhaps it might become famous,

On Flyogram or Swatter.

Its daily photos and the incessant buzz,

Would prove it’s no quitter.

The colors of water – A Poem

Niagara Falls -Image by urformat from Pixabay

Birthed in transparent ocean clouds.

Weaned near budding green reeds.

Condensed by youth – the grey vapors of longevity,

Waterways merge into the deep azure of maturity.

Green valleys of life into whitewashed peaks, thunder,

As the colors of water,

Paint a portrait of life’s cyclical monsoon reservoir.

Blood Oranges – A Poem

Image by Joanjo Puertos Muñoz from Pixabay

Pulmonary sketched orbs of unsung valor,

Pour into nature’s beaker,

Its magenta vermilion nectar.

Blood oranges, blushingly shy visitors

To the citrus family mansion,

Thirsting to fit in,

With cousins green limes and lemon.

Not to mention,

Famous step-sister yellow orange

Whose pulpacious personality, a family tradition.

Differences aside, when tangy juice is at stake,

Together, one fruitful family they make.

Rainbows – A Poem

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Perhaps rainbows warm the heart,

As tantalizing specters of curved sunlight,

Or, because of the magical way that at just the right angle,

With the Sun watching your back,

Heavenly tapestry creates an earthly spectacle.

Or, because somewhere deep within,

They are moments for one.

Between the universe and you alone.

A reminder of a promise,

Made long ago

That when storms surge and you seek rescue,

You hold on to hope that is true,

And, remember to look heavenward,

For that unique sign forward,

Reminding you, that you are never alone,

Never forgotten and eternally loved.

The Ocean? – A Poem

Image by JW A from Pixabay

What do eyes see,

The sunrise painting the Sea.

Pale blue waves cresting the horizon,

So mesmerizing one can almost hear the tide rising.

Local birds glide in the updraft like seagulls diving.

While an inlet forms in a nearby cloud’s center core,

Tiny waves nipping at the bar’s shore.

The true Ocean is not near here,

Landlocked vistas the regular fare.

Are these enchanted memories dreams make,

Of legendary stories read long ago.

Or, too much caffeine in the morning mistake,

Of a double, turned triple espresso macchiato.

Serendipity – A stream of Unconscious Poem

Allium blooms – Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Perhaps, start reading that book

You’ve only given its cover a look

Create that cabinet space

From that centuries-old lace

Roam somewhere new outdoors

Enjoy its woodland moors

Shop for that small un-necessity

You’ve told your mind is an impossibility

But thoughts of it are shear serendipity

Play your favorite old songs

Without Alexa or Cortana tagging along

Blow soap bubbles out your window

Even if you can’t go outside fast enough

To see where they go.

You may not yet paint like the next big artist

Nor write poetry like Frost

But, creativity is in your DNA

To enjoy every day.

Private Reflection: Words – A Poem

Image by IgorZh on

O thou spoken words,

Rehearsed from sacred chards,

Now with your power take flight.

Not on Icarus’ chariot,

But fastened with a bell,

On the gossamer wings of an Angel.

And, when we need it most,

Return to us as the sound of wise counsel.

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