Habaneros and Jalapenos – A poem

Image by Bumble Lush on flickr.com

Two pizzas arrive piping hot.

He sits down to eat from one.

Several slices in

Pained expression gives way to

Sweat pouring from his brow.

Visions of delicious heat dance in his tear-filled eyes.

Moving his hands in animated silence,

He conveys his enjoyment,

While shunning offers of water, sugar or milk,

To fan the flames of culinary fire.

Coworkers amazed at his resolve.

But all quickly escape

His generous offer to share,

The remaining unopened box of

Piping hot pizza with habaneros and Jalapenos.

Promises – A Poem

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Unexpected events do not erase the truth blossoming in your life.



Who you are.


The price you paid for the lifestyle you have chosen.



The promises that have been prophesied over

Your life.

Remember – A poem

Image by Kateřina Hartlová from Pixabay

Remember all your work on personal development.


Taught yourself how to manifest good in the universe,

Embraced self awareness,

Learned to discover your gifting,

Hold to your faith with a titanium grip,

Exposed spirituality in your own heart with love, and

Awakened to the real truth of why you were here.

All that preparation was not by happenstance –

You followed a sacred yearning in your soul,

To walk a divine path designed for You before time began,

to prepare you,

for such a time as this.

After all, you could have been born in any other time in history;

But – lo and behold, you are here now.

Private Reflection – “Being alone…”

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

“Being alone is good sometimes.

Because no matter what happens,

there are times in your life

when all you have is you.

And you’ve got to learn to have your own back.”
― Piper Lawson

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